Sweet Potato Cakes

Inspired by the page Fruit, Nuts and Veggies. (check out their site) http://fruitnutsveggies.com/2013/04/25/sweet-potato-pancakes/


Recipe serves 2:


2 big tablespoons of coconutflour
1 peeled, cooked and mashed sweet potato
2 tbsp almondmilk
4 egg-whites
½ tsp cinnamon
¼ tsp bakingpowder
pinch of salt
Coconut oil (for non-sticking)


Blend the egg-whites till they get nice and fluffy. Then add mashed sweet potato, coconut flour and almondmilk and mix it well. Then add cinnamon, bakingpowder and salt. If you think your batter is too thick you can add extra almondmilk or water, if it is too thin you can add some coconutflour. Then you can cook them in a pan with some coconut oil at medium heat! (Don’t make them too big, they’ll fall apart!)


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