In years nine and ten at my school we need to complete a project over the course of one year. Since this project continues for one year we need to base it on something that we are 100% passionate about. For me this is living a healthy lifestyle.  For my project, I aim to create a cookbook, which will include many recipes, healthy versions of fatty foods, inspiring meals and fast and fresh recipes. I began researching healthy foods and recipes. Personally, the term ‘healthy’ means using products that are as close to their natural state as possible and not adulterated. Ingredients that have derived from plants are great natural products, such as coconut; sugar, butter, oil and flour, which can be substituted in many cases instead of other unrefined sugars, oils and butters. I am continuously becoming inspired over and over again with new recipes and fantastic ideas. As a result of others inspiring me I hope this blog will return the favour and also motivate others. I believe if you put healthy food into your body, you will get better results; at school, at work, on the athletics track … everywhere!

Also, i wanted wanted to make this site so that i can share my process with others. ENJOY!


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